Fast track delivery as baby is born in a van

Proud grandparents: Frances and Davy Forbes with their new grandson Ollie.
Proud grandparents: Frances and Davy Forbes with their new grandson Ollie.

A pub landlord from Stonehaven took an ‘express delivery’ with a difference last Tuesday, when his grandson was born in his van.

Davy Forbes, who runs the Queens Hotel on the town’s Allardice Street, was, luckily, on hand to drive his son Paul and partner Caroline Jones to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital last Tuesday morning, when she went into labour at the hotel.

The labour progressed quickly, and Mr Forbes found himself racing through red lights and traffic in Aberdeen to get to the hospital in time.

However, baby Ollie was too impatient and arrived into the world just as his grandfather’s van pulled up at the entrance to the maternity hospital.

Mr Forbes said: “By the time I jumped out and ran round to the passenger side to open the door, the baby’s head had appeared, and by the time a nurse appeared with a wheelchair, Caroline had Ollie in her arms.

“It was the most horrendous drive I’ve ever had, racing to get there in time.

‘‘I was tooting my horn, and shouting, and at one point I thought that Caroline was going to have the baby in Westburn Park!”

Mum Caroline said: “We live in Johnshaven and it’s a good thing we weren’t at home, or we wouldn’t have been anywhere near the hospital when he arrived.

“When we left Stonehaven my contractions were 10 minutes apart, but by the time we got to Aberdeen they were just five minutes apart and things progressed really quickly after that.”

Ollie Cressie Forbes was born at 7.47am, weighing a healthy 6lbs 5oz, and Caroline and Paul couldn’t be happier with their new addition.

He is the second grandchild for Davy and his wife, Frances.

Caroline said: “He has just been fabulous and awesome, he is a super, super baby and we are very happy.”