Fewer locals using Stonehaven’s famous outdoor swimming pool

a SURVEY has revealed that fewer local people have been making use of Stonehaven’s iconic outdoor pool this summer.

A survey taken at the pool showed that, while there were a healthy number of tourists visiting the attraction, there were relatively few people from Stonehaven and the surrounding area.

Alex Nicoll, Vice Chair of the Friends, said: “At the weekend it was particularly obvious.

“We had all sorts of languages being spoken, and English with all sorts of accents, including Canadian, English and Glaswegian, but very few people who live locally. While it’s true that we do a lot to attract visitors, with amazing results, we do also try to make sure people in Stonehaven know about us, yet we hear again and again people saying they didn’t know there was an open air pool in the town!”

It had been hoped that by using social media and communicating by Facebook that more local people would learn about the Pool and give it a try. “We know a high percentage of Pool users make a huge effort to come, sometimes long distances, just to swim in our heated sea water, while locals are unaware, or just don’t bother.”

Everyone, from everywhere, still has another week to enjoy the Pool before it closes on Sunday September 4.