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Sunday, 22nd November 2015, 6:00 am

25 YEARS AGO - Friday November 23, 1990

Enthusiasm is high but to ensure Stonehaven’s £500,000 new multi-purpose sports pavilion goes ahead the commitment of all Stonehaven clubs and organisations, from pre-school to the elderly is needed.

This was the message delivered at a meeting on Sunday of representatives of the town’s sports clubs, when chairman Mr Denis Daun called for everyone interested in using the pavilion to come forward now and voice their support for the project.

Faced with a huge bill of about £500,000 to build a pavilion, and redesign the fields at Mineralwell, the committee closely examined the Grampian Region architect’s plan. While they fully supported the general layout, there was criticism of the design which has 16 front doors, as well as the estimated cost.

Although the plan is only provisional members thought that the space upstairs would be better used as a large multi-purpose hall - which could be used as a day nursery, for meetings, or light training, and which should include a kitchen.

Mr Daun, a Kincardine & Deeside Sports Council member, said there was a great need for a building like this, accentuated by the 400 youngsters under 18 who train and compete at the moment without proper facilities - an astonishing 250 youth footballers, and 150 athletes based in Stonehaven.

50 YEARS AGO - Friday November 19th, 1965

The Gourdon fishing boat Concord (M.E. 120), which ran on the rocks at the entrance to Gourdon harbour during heavy weather on Friday, broke up under the pounding of the easterly seas which have rolled in to the coast most of the week.

The Concord, in company with other craft, went out to the line fishing but conditions worsened and the harbour entrance became very tricky.

As the Concord was entering at low water a big sea struck her and she grounded and remained fast.

The four members of the crew were able to scramble onto the rocks. Skipper W. Ross, 30 McGill Terrace, was accompanied by Joseph Craig (brother-in-law), Seaview Terrace; John Mowatt, 16 Queen Street; and Graham Mowat, 8 Hillfoot Terrace.

The lines and sculls and two-and-a-half boxes of the catch of 12 boxes were saved.

Pieces of the fishing boat were swept on to the rocks as she broke up, and on Tuesday morning only a small part of the hull could be seen at low water.

The loss of Concord has again raised the question of the unsatisfactory conditions at the harbour, where there is a lack of depth for boats entering or leaving for several hours each day. The use of larger craft increases teh hazard.

100 YEARS AGO - Friday November 25th, 1915

As will be seen from our advertisement columns, Provost Greig has inaugurated a scheme for sending a Christmas present to each soldier and sailor belonging to Stonehaven who is on active service.

We understand that similar schemes are underway or projected on other parts of the County.

Provost Greig asks for subscriptions to this fund to give our gallant boys at the front a little token of remembrance from home at Christmastide, and we have no doubt that for such a worthy object there will be a generous response.


After a lull, the scarlet fever epidemic in Stonehaven has apparently broken out again, and with considerable severity.

On each of the days in the early part of the present week two or three cases were reported.

Steps were taken to have the patients isolated or conveyed to the hospital.

There has been, however, a certain falling off in the number of deaths resulting from the disease.

It is hoped that a few more weeks will see the end of the outbreak.

It has been found necessary to continue for a further period of time the order at present in force for the closing of the schools.