Financial abuse of elderly people

Older people who have worked all their lives to build up savings, a nice home and who may be now dependant on friends and family for care are being preyed upon and it could be happening in your area – so do something about it, ‘Tell Someone’.

Financial abuse is reported to be the second most common type of elder abuse, after neglect.

A study by Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) – a charity that tackles the abuse of older people – found that women are more likely to be targeted than men with most victims aged over 80.

In one year alone AEA uncovered that in the UK over £7million had been coerced or stolen from persons 65+ and 47 houses had been sold without consent to the tune of over £34million.

Independent Convener of the adult protection committees Albert Donald said: “The ‘Tell Someone’ campaign is important because of the knowledge that some older people are at risk of financial harm.”