Fireball ceremony crosses the pond

Stonehaven’s famous tradition of the Fireballs ceremony to welcome in the New Year has not gone unnoticed across the pond, as plans are afoot to stage a recreation at the Maine Highland Games in the USA.

Clan Cunningham International are sponsoring the event, which the claim will see the “first ever American demonstration of fireballing” take place among other Scottish-themed festivities.

Dr Bill Cunningham, Director of Fireballing for Clan Cunningham International, said: “My Cunningham ancestors from Scotland used to tell sotries about the cocky young fishermen living near their lands in the small villages along the east coast who took an ancient love of fiery celebrations to the next level. They swung blazing baskets attached to wet ropes and stuffed with worn out fish line and nets around their heads at First Footing, a new years celebration, and more often to prove their daring and bravery through a bet.”

In a statement, the organisers of what will be the first Maine Highland Games Cland Bonfire and Ceilidh, said that they wished to thank Stonehaven’s own Martin Sim of the Stonehaven Fireball Association, before adding that they hope their own demonstration will spark interest in fireballing at other Highland Games events across the USA.

Every year the Fireballs ceremony in Stonehaven attracts thousands to the town.