Fitness trail is supported

The Kicardine and Mearns Area top-up budget has awarded £4000 to support the building of a community agility and fitness trail in the grounds of Fishermoss Primary School, Portlethen.

At their meeting on Tuesday, Councillors on the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee heard from Mr Alexander Reid from Fishermoss Parents association who explained that the group had worked hard to raise £21,538 of the overall £27,243 needed to put the trail in place they were now looking for some support from the local authority to ensure that they have enough money to get the trail built in March, to avoid losing some of their funding which has time restrictions placed on it. Councillors wanted to ensure that the fitness trail would be accessible to all of the community and not just those who go to the School, Mr Reid confirmed that the fitness trail would be accessible to the whole community Councillors voted to support the project and awarded £4000 of funding.

The committee then awarded £3650 to the Wairds Park Committee in Johnshaven for

the rejuvenation of two synthetic playing surfaces at Wairds Park. The total cost of this project is £7,300 and the remaining money will be raised through fundraising activities.

Mr Alan Smith, secretary for Wairds Park Committee attended the meeting to explain to the Councillors about why the money was needed.

He explained that Wairds Park in Johnshaven is a site which is well used by not just the community of Johnshaven but also the surrounding area and that it is run by the Wairds Park Committee, who carry out a variety of fundraising activities to keep the Park in top condition. However after having to spend a substantial amount of money on flood defences following flooding in 2010/11 they are short on money to repair the pitches. They are planning on getting the playing surfaces rejuvenated just now so they last a further five years and then they will be replaced completely.

Councillor George Carr, voiced his support for this project. He said: “The facilities that are provided at Wairds Park are second to none and with no hesitation I suggest that we support this.”

The committee agreed to award £3650 to the project.

Also at the meeting a sum of £1000 was awarded to the Fettercairn Public Property Committee towards the cost of purchasing a scaffold tower which is required for health

and safety reasons and for purchasing new trestle tables.