Flood Action group look to get town tidy

Those who cannot move sandbags can call John Briggs on 01569 766801 for pick up
Those who cannot move sandbags can call John Briggs on 01569 766801 for pick up

Stonehaven Flood Action Group have issued a plea for residents and businesses in the Old Town and Market Square area to remove hundreds of disused sandbags.

The sandbags still line the streets after the Flood Warning on January 7.

With Aberdeenshire Council under no obligation to collect or dispose of the sandbags, property owners are being encouraged to either store them off the streets for future use, or to take them away for disposal.

Due to the completion of the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme being many years away, residents and businesses are urged to always be prepared to protect their property from flooding at short notice at any time.

Sandbags can be stored for re-use provided they have not been contaminated by flood water, but to remain undamaged they must be stored indoors or in a dry, undercover place away from sunlight.

To help with the clean-up, Stonehaven Flood Action Group have announced a ‘Sandbag Amnesty’ for those who have no safe place to store sandbags on their property, or who have nowhere else to put them. Sandbags can be taken to the BP Garage on Dunnottar Avenue and placed on the wooden pallets located to the rear of the building, or to John A W Briggs Carpet Shop with prior arrangement.

A Flood Action Group spokesperson said: “We are really concerned at the amount of sandbags left around the streets of the Old Town. They are not only unsightly and a trip hazard on pavements, but if the bags burst then the sand will wash into the drains causing them to block and contribute to surface flooding in the streets.

“Since we contributed to the distribution of sandbags in January, we’d like to help get them off the pavements and make the town look nicer for tourists in the Spring.”