Flood prevention measures for Fettercairn

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Protecting Fettercairn from flooding came a step closer this week.

Councillors at the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meeting gave their support for the development of a flood storage area at land adjacent to Distillery Road Fettercairn.

Councillors were quick to praise the measures.

Provost Bill Howaston said: “ I have been following this for a long time, probably since 1999. It’s good to see this has come to pass.

“People in Fettercairn have been colossally patient over this process. Anyone who has seen flooding in Fettercairn knows it is not a pretty sight. I think it will be good for the public if we could proceed with this as soon as possible.”

It was noted that this is just the start of flood prevention measures in the area.

Councillor George Carr said: “This is not necessarily going to be the solution but this is part of the solution to the flooding which we have seen in the past.”

Councillors also praised the public consultation which had taken place for the flood measures,