Flooding Group calls for show of support

Stonehaven residents are being encouraged to go to a community engagement meeting today (Thursday ) to discuss issues relating to the town.

Stonehaven Flood Action Group are hoping that the townsfolk will turn out at the meeting to discover what is currently being done about flooding.

Group member, Frieda Burns, said that although the weather was nice now, it was important that people didn’t forget about the flooding in Stonehavend and the impact it had on people’s lives.

She added: “The old town and the people still recovering still need the community’s support in keeping awareness on what the council is in fact doing to help to protect them - in the short and long term.

‘‘This is an issue that does not affect a small number of people but has a universal effect on the whole of Stonehaven in house prices, amienities and public relations as a tourist town.

“The High Street is still mainly empty - the main thoroughfare to the harbour - what must visitors think seeing the town in such a state six months on?”

The Group hope that the meeting, which is being held by Aberdeenshire Council in Mackie Academy at 7pm, will be well attended by the community lending support to the group.

Those attending the free sessions will have the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions before a range of speakers. 
The community engagement event follows Stonehaven Flood Actiong Group holding a succesful stalll at the Feein’ Market .

There was a lot of interest shown on the day and the stall had plenty of information regarding flood prevention equipment, the flood warden scheme and an update from the Stonehaven Flood Action group. The group would like to thank Joanna Cubbage and Rachael Kennedy with assisting in the information packs and posters, also for their assistance on the day.

They would also like to thank everyone who helped out on the day, donated prizes and gave up their time.

The group signed up several new wardens on the day, although there are still some zones yet to be filled.

If anyone would like more information, please contact the group’s website, www.stonehavenfloodaction.org

There is a flood warden training evening on Thursday, June 27, at 6.30pm at the Community Centre.

In total, the group raised £515 which will go towards helping with providing some short term flood defences.

The next event is a coffee morning tomorrow (Friday) followed by a ceilidh on Friday, September 20, featuring Cabrach.