Flurry of wind turbine proposals

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October has seen a flurry of plans being submitted for the building of wind turbines in the Laurencekirk area.

Planning applications for five separate turbine sites were lodged at the start of October, along with one in Stonehaven and two in the Netherley.

The turbine applications in Laurencekirk are all for a 1 x 51m high wind turbine at the following sites; Gossesslie Farm, Scotston, Waterlair, Caldhame Farmhouse, and Upper Powburn.

All eight applications have been lodged by Intelligent Land Investment (ILI) through the agent The Waterman Group. Intelligent Land Investments website states: “The company is focused on building the Intelligent brand in the Renewable Energy sector. This is being achieved by structuring a business strategy which puts the landowner first.”

ILI offers Scottish farmers a way of unlocking some of the value of their land, while doing some good for the environment.

The company promises farmers a guaranteed £20,000 a year for the next 20 years if they allow Intelligent Land Investments to erect a 500-kilowatt wind turbine, which is capable of powering about 350 homes.

If planners approve the projects being lined up by ILI, the company and the farmer hope to cash in on the government’s feed-in tariff, launched in April 2010.

The subsidy aims to encourage the development of renewable power by allowing investment in small-scale low-carbon electricity, in return for a guaranteed payment for the power that is produced over the next 20 years.

This flurry is just the latest in a number of wind turbines planned in the area. Previously the Observer revealed that there were over 70 turbines being proposed for the area, and in the current planning climate, it is highly likely they will be given permission.