Flying high for charity

A Johnshaven hairdresser is going to be walking on air as she takes to the skies to raise money for the Little Princess Trust.

Kirsty Mcintosh, who owns Odyssee hair design in Johnshaven, will be doing a wing walk to raise money for the charity, which provides wigs to children suffering from illness such as cancer.

Kirsty became a supporter of the Little Princess Trust after a young girl visited her salon and asked to have at least 8 inches of hair cut off so she could send the hair to the little princess trust to be made into a wig. Since then Kirsty has had a number of clients getting their hair cut to be sent to the charity and some have also raised money to help make the wigs.

Kirsty decided she wanted to do something to raise sponsorship, but explains that a wing walk was not on her list of possibilities. However her partner bought her a wing walking experience for Christmas.

She said: “That’ll teach me for saying “ I don’t need anything, just get me an experience”. I had a weekend away or even a trip to the cinema in mind. Given that the last time I went on a roller coaster I was not only terrified, but very sick. I honestly can’t imagine anything worse.

“I had been telling my partner how well the last salon sponsored haircut had gone and how I would like to do a sponsored event myself - perhaps a run, maybe a swim, something with a bit of a challenge. Next thing, he’s at the computer doing a poster which he proudly presents to me. Not only a very thoughtful present, but the effort of making a poster.”

“I have to say that despite my fear, I’m very happy to be doing this for The Little Princess Trust. My motto is “ if you look hard enough, something good will come out of anything bad”.”

To sponsor Kirsty visit or you can find sponsor forms in; the paper shop in Inverbervie, Queen Anne’s Hotel, the Cutty Sark, Johnshaven Store, The Ship hotel, Anchor Hotel and Odyssee hair salon. The sponsorship form has an option on it to give half of your donation to Johnshaven Village Hall.