Forty years in teaching

Mr Derek Noble has retired after a total of 40 years in teaching, the last 38 of them at Mearns Academy, Laurencekirk.

On his final day on Friday, Mr Noble received a presentation from colleagues, followed by the presentation of a gift from pupils and parents.

The gift was handed over by Mrs Lois McCormick, accompanied by students Nicole Graham, Catriona Crawford, Laura Blakemore and Luke McCormick.

Mrs McCormick thanked Mr Noble for 38 years of dedicated teaching, saying the school’s results in music and drama were testimony to his commitment.

She also thanked him for his work directing and producing musicals within the school, his organisation of many London trips and his work in overseeing the prefect system within the school.

Mr Noble came to the school as a music teacher. He later became principal teacher of music and retires as Faculty Head of Music and Drama.

A talented musician, Mr Noble has become renowned over the years for directing and producing a variety of musical and theatre productions in his home town of Montrose and elsewhere.

He signed off from Mearns Academy by directing a hugely successful production of Le Miserable earlier this year.