From the Files

What happened in the Mearns from our own archives

25 YEARS AGO - Friday August 31st, 1990

D.S.O., the company that keeps Stonehaven’s streets clean, came to the rescue when a sticky, and smelly, situation arose at Baird Park last week.

The football pitch there was certainly one where a forward would be unlikely to “take a dive” (as demonstrated so well by soccer forwards in the recent World Cup). The presence of large mammals on the playing area in conjunction with the Hungarian Circus on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, saw to that.

Elephants and camels had been doing what they will be nature do, and the north penalty area was like a farm byre, with a far worse smell to boot. However, last Thursday the D.S.O. got to work with a road-sweeping machine scouring the playing pitch late into the evening - no-one could be persuaded to brush the stuff up, we imagine. Next day, the whole area was returfed double-quick, so by the weekend it could scarcely be imagined that there had been a mess on the pitch at all. Mind you, it’s a sure bet that the number of penalty claims to the referee at Baird Park last week were reduced - as the unmistakeable elephant stench still lingered on the grass!


‘Taking the Plunge’, the organisation which aims to encourage women to return to workhas been very popular locally.

50 YEARS AGO - Friday August 27th, 1965

Yet another amenity has been added to the sea front, although perhaps a little late in the year to benefit the majority of the visitors.

Two large pairs of binoculars have been erected and fitted on swivels, one facing the town on the north side of the River Cowie and the other facing seawards near the swimming pool.

Permission was granted to the firm by the town council to erect the machines, which are coin-operated.


The erection this week of two street lamps on the promenade means that the whole seafront between Cowie Village and Market Lane is now illuminated.

The lamps have been put up near the Beach Pavilion, the stretch between there and the River Cowie having previously been a regular subject of complaint because of its pitch blackness at night.


Stonehaven does not have a pipe band, but young Piper George Robertson Stewart, 26 High Street, is keeping the name of the town in the forefront.

He has competed successfully at many Highland Games this year, and on Saturday won the challenge quaich for juvenile piping at Glenfinnan Highland Games.

100 YEARS AGO - Thursday September 2nd, 1915

The Rev. Thomas Scott, of the Laurencekirk Parish Church, who has for the past four months been a Chaplain with the Army at the Front, gave a very interesting address on his experiences and work in Flanders in his church on Sunday morning. There was a very large congregation, the church being crowded in every part.

Chaplain-Colonel Scott, having received a seven days’ furlough from his duties at the front, reached home on Tuesday evening, and had to leave for Flanders again on Sunday afternoon.

The Rev. Mr Scott has been for some years senior chaplain to the 7th Battalion Gordon Highlanders, and acted as chaplain to the battalion for three months when they were in training at Bedford. He was later appointed a chaplain at the front, and leaving Laurencekirk on the 26th August he has been with the 4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders, the Aberdeen City battalion, at the front ever since.

Commencing with the place where the battalion he had under his charge were stationed, Chaplain Colonel Scott said he could not, of course, tell the exact position, but it was enough to say that they were situated where there was a triangle, and were open to shell fire from both sides.