From the files April 1

From our own archive we bring you what happened in the Mearns in history.

25 Years Ago April 5, 1991

Stonehaven Lions Club organisers of this years Stonehaven Gala were delighted to learn that they had managed to scoop the famous Golden Lions free fall parachuting display team to top the bill at the July event.

Also pulling in the crowds to the Baird Park fun day will be a spectacular Royal Artillery static display and a chance to take helicopter trips over the town.

The group also had a boost after a successful Race night held at St Leonard’s Hotel raising £450.

“Managing to clinch the big-name atrractions has given us a temendous lift,” said Gala Chairman, Jerry Sim.

“Our main task now is to get as much local support as we can after all this is everyone’s Gala.”

From our regular Johnshaven Jottings column - Last year’s community council AGM produced an election for the first time since its formation in 1975 - and, in fact there was an astonishing total of nine candidates seeking just five seats available on the nine strong council.

Given the general difficulty which many community councils have in finding members, most people probably thought that last year’s election would turn out to be a unique event in the local council’s history - but, if they did , then they’d be wildly wrong! For, this year, there is a staggering number of ten candidates vying for only four seats.

50 Years Ag April 1, 1966

Stonehaven’s new sports area at Mineralwell will, it is hoped come into use during the summer. The cricket club is planning to use the new cricket pitch for at least some of its later matches, and there is hope that the football club will be able to move in some time next season. There may also be some organised camping.

Games have been played at Mineralwell since the end of last century, when the local football club received permission to play there. ***

Stonehaven Dean of Guild Court sat in private on Tuesday night to discuss a petition by Invercarron LTD for the enlargement of their petrol station at Dunnottar Avenue.

Dead of Guild J Shankley afterwards announced that the application had been deferred until 19th April to enable an onjector to study the final plans.

Mr A Phimister Brown, solicitor, Fraserburgh said that his client Mr Catto, hotelkepper Mill Inn Hotel, Stonehaven had received no notice or plan of the location of the fuel tanks.

He also objected because his right of way, according to his titles would be restricted by the development.

For the applicants Mr CC Calder, solicitor Laurencekirk submitted that the Dean of Guild Court had no jurisdiction on the questions of right of way.

100 Years Ago March 30, 1916

Peace rumours are becoming common and are disregarded. Nevertheless, it is known that Berlin is sending up balloons, and it is noted that the German peace terms make new ‘concessions.’

As Washington is the centre of activity in this department, our American friends are manifesting special interest in every new phases of the concessions. Here, however, there is no waning of confidence in the belief that not until Germany has suffered decisive defeats will it be possible to give consideration to German peace terms.


On Friday evening one of the the finest concerts which have ever been held in Stonehaven for some very considerable time took place in the Town Hall - The Grand Concert arranged by Provost Greig on behalf of the Scottish Hosipital in Paris.

An excellent programme was sustained by Mr Robert Burnett’s famous Edinburgh Company, comprising Miss Phyllis Graves (soprano), Miss Newell (contralto), Miss Emily Buchanan (violinist), and Mr Robert Burnett (the leading Scottish Baritone), with Mr Philip Kiddie as accompanist.

In an interval in the programme, Provost Greig in a short speech, thanked those present for turning out in such large numbers.