From the files - April 22

What happened in the Mearns in history according to our own archive.

25 Years Ago - April 26, 1991

There has been more strident criticism of toilet facilities at Stonehaven Harbour. When the usual “invasion” of early visitors celebrating the Aberdeen Spring holiday arrived last weekend, they found that the former toilet had been demolished - and replacement facilities were still being built.

Local resident told of seeing carloads of visitors rolling in and then moving on, when they found that toilet facilities were non-existent.

One Old Pier resident was particularly saddened by the sight of a bus bringing handicapped youngsters for a day out at the harbour, leaving almost as soon as it has arrived, because of the obvious lack of conveniences.

In recent years, the harbour toilets have been a headache for the local authorities.

The old building on Shorehead was criticised as a “bomb shelter” and an “eyesore”, but when sites were suggested for a replacement, the reaction from the old town resident was - we don’t want it built near our property - put it somewhere else!

There were also loud howls of protest when it was suggested that new toilets be built within the Tolbooth property on Old Pier. ***

An enironmental monitoring group proposed by Kincardine and Deeside District council as one of the planning coniditions for a new fire training centre at Portlethen was met with anger by the Firemaster.

50 Years Ago - April 22, 1966

£300 May probably save a child’s life - Kincardineshire Education Committee is to press the Scottish Education department to provide a turning space at the new Redmyre School.

The matter has already been turned down by the department but on repsentations from the Headmaster, Mr James Gibbons, the committee decided they should take action in the interests of the pupils safety.

The headmaster had expressed concern that vehicles coming in to the kitchen bay would have to back into the school playground area before turning to go out. It would be dangerous for the children. He did not know when the vehicles would be arriving but this could well coincide with children being in the playground.

***A dirty trick - Two 13 year old Kincardineshire schoolboys pleaded guilty at Stonehaven Juevenile court on Wednesday to breaking into a scout headquarters by means of an insecure rear window and stealing a locked cabinet and its contents, a collection tin containing £5, a child’s savings bank containing 15 /- and a £1 note.

One boy was put pm probation for two years.

The second, who is already on probation, had this extended by one year.

Each were ordered by Sheriff J Aikman Smith to repay £3, 7s, 6d, which had not been recovered.

100 Years Ago - April 20, 1916

A meeting of the special constables within the Burgh was held in the Council room. Provost Greig presided and explained that the meeting had been called for the purpose of considering the best means of warning the townspeople in the event of a raid by hostile air craft.

It was pointed out that the ringing of the town towns bells and the bell of Fetteresso Church had not fulfilled expectations and that sound warnings had not found general favour, in fact, where tried, they had to be discontinued.

After discussion it was agreed to make an experiment with raising and lowering the pressure of the gas supply as a means of warning.

Householders are requested to take particular notice of any of their lights which may be burning at a low “peeop” as a decrease of pressure may extinguish them.

It is hoped that townspeople will take an interest in the experiment.


At an inquest helf at Milford Haven last week on the body of George Lees, a seaman belonging to Stonehaven, a verdict of accidental death was returned. The deceased joined the navy some time ago, and was serving aboard one of the ships of HM Yacht Patrol when he was acidently drowned. Full naval honours were accorded at the funeral.