From the Files June 19

What happened around the Mearns from our very own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - Friday June 22nd 1990

Stonehaven Gala Week, which begins tonight (Friday) with two discos for youngsters at the Town Hall and Beach Pavilion, should start with a bang tomorrow, with the main Gala Parade leaving Mackie Academy en route to Baird Park at 1pm, where it will meet up with Thomson Rally vintage vehicles around 2pm.

The route has been chosen to enable residents of Edenholme and Clashfarquhar House to see the parade.

The parade itself will be led by a vintage Rolls-Royce carrying Gala Princess Kelly Jones, and her attendants Laura Stark and Lisa Hodge. As well as the floats, the procession will include the 47th Culter BB Pipe Band and a number of vintage vehicles from the Thomson Rally.

Only seven groups had entered a float at the time of going to press, and committee member Mr Gavin Stewart is disappointed with the response. It appears that some local organisations, who take a lot of money out of the community, are unwilling to spend time and effort in putting some fun back into it.

On Sunday, action moves to Mineralwell Park where a primary school competition for boys and girls is planned, plus a darts tournament at the Royal Hotel. At 7pm Songs of Praise is being held at Stonehaven harbour.

50 YEARS AGO - Friday June 18th 1965

Stonehaven people are to be asked to sign a petition protesting against the town council’s decision to go ahead with the town hall renovation scheme at an estimated cost of £52,000.

At the beginning of the week Mr Alfred C. Forbes, “Seggat”, Slug Road, Stonehaven, issued the following statement: “Since Stonehaven Town Council proposes to go ahead with a scheme estimated to cost £52,000 on our town hall without giving the electors the opportunity of expressing their opinion in the matter, we a cross section of the electors, have decided to find out what support the town council has in the burgh for such a project by issuing a protest against the proposals, which we will ask the electors to sign.”

Mr Forbes was appointed chairman by a group of electors, following a meeting on Monday night. It is understood it included one former town councillor.

Mr Forbes stated that the group was representative of the electorate, and that nearly all the 40 petition forms were taken up.

Provost T. Christie, on hearing about the petition, said: “I don’t think I can make any comment at this stage.”

Bailie George Moncrieff, convenor of the property committee, also declined to comment.

100 YEARS AGO - Thursday June 24th 1915

An accident, fortunately not very serious occurred at the corner of Evan Street and Arduthie Road on Monday forenoon.

A message boy coming down on a bicycle failed to negotiate the turn and was thrown off and rather badly shaken. This corner is notorious among cyclists for the steep brae makes it very difficult to turn safely. Less than a fortnight ago a young married woman was thrown from her bicycle at the same place, and was rendered unconscious.


An excellent musical exhibition was given by the pupils of the Mackie Academy, Stonehaven, in the Gymnasium of the Academy yesterday afternoon.

A long programme of piano solos, part songs, orchestra piece etc.,were ably sustained by the pupils of the Academy. Rev J. B. Burnett, who is a Governor, presided and briefly introduced the performers, commenting on the opening item, an Orchestra Piece composed of Mr J Allan McGill, the music master.

There was a large audience, the spacious Gymnasium being filled in every part by the pupils, their parents and friends. The audience was heartily appreciative of the efforts of the performers and the various items received their due mead of applause.