Frustration at lack of action

MEARNS Community Council are still waiting for action to be taken on a list of issues in Laurencekirk, despite members going on a tour of the town nine months ago with area manager William Munro.

Laurencekirk representative Jim Stuart said: “A list of issues were raised with the area manager, but are we ever going to get them done.

“We were told that a new property inspector was due to visit, but still nothing has been done.

“It is very frustrating. A number of us took time out of our schedule nine months a go and we are nota bit further on.”

Mr Stuart asked the elected councillors if they could have “a word in Mr Munro’s ear.”

Hilda Kerr said that 90% of the issues on their list related to landscape services.

A meeting will be held on Tuesday (March 8) to hopefully kick-start a drive to get a new pavilion/toilets in the Memorial Park in Laurencekirk.

Community councillor Dennis Bell has organised the meeting and it will be attended by all the Laurencekirk community councillors and two representatives of Villages in Control.

Hilda Kerr asked why user groups and other groups such as the Rotary Club had not been invited, but Mr Stuart said this was just an initial meeting and that other groups would be invited to participate later.

Mr Bell said that lots of people would have to get involved.