Funding sweet, sweet music to Mearns FM

Mearns FM Peter Greig with Paul Nicoll
Mearns FM Peter Greig with Paul Nicoll

Mearns FM, run by volunteers out of Stonehaven Town Hall, has received £2000 from the Meikle Carewe Community fund.

The local community radio station is a non-funded registered charity.

Chairman Peter Grieg told the Leader and Observer: “We were one of the lucky recipients of the Meikle Carewe Community Funding to the tune of, pardon the pun, £2000 which we are proposing to put towards building a portable recording studio.

“We can then take it to the various schools, clubs, events, parties - in fact, any thing which involves groups of people and children which, under normal circumstances, we couldn’t get into the studio as it’s not big enough.

‘‘We would record it and programme it in to our schedule of programmes for broadcast.”