Gala seeks help for 2011 event

Laurencekirk Gala committee met on Friday January 28 to continue planning for this year’s event.

The gala will run from 12th to 17th July 2011 on a similar format to last year’s event.

The biggest challenge facing the committee is the number of bodies willing to help and only five people attended Friday’s meeting. More volunteers are needed desperately to help make this year’s gala a success.

The biggest problem is likely to be the Kids’ Club which attracts up to 100 children each session. It was thought new volunteers had been found to run it but they’ve had a change of heart.

The committee would ask anyone who would like to help to make themselves known by contacting Lloyd on 07730 129300, or through the Laurencekirk Gala facebook page.

In particular anyone who has sent their children to the club in the past or would like to do so this year should come forward as without more help there is going to be little for children during the gala week and that is a scenario the committee are keen to avoid.