Gourdon Community Council

At the AGM of Gourdon Community Council (on Tuesday 3rd April in the Mission Hall, Brae Road, Gourdon) Concillor Carr commented on how Community Councils reflected local concerns.

Gourdon residents’ views had been heard in the local plan and were aired on designating part of the village as a conservation area. People could comment on the possible zoning of a 2km maritime area which might harm local creel fishermen and restaurants.

Other members pointed to action with regard to travellers visiting, the Christmas tree and art competition, the annual Beach Clean and planting hanging baskets at the Harbour. With new residents in the village, new projects were emerging.

There were possibilities for everyone to contribute to the community. Gourdon Community Art Project had selected an artist. Hornblowers had organised a Harbour Clean Up. Tadpoles toddler group continued to thrive. Gourdon Community Council too would welcome additional members.

Dave Ramsay, from A Mearns Heritage Project, then updated the AGM: “Aberdeenshire Council, in Kincardine & Mearns has been extremely supportive of the refurbishment of the Maggie Law Museum, and have been able to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of the work requirred.

The Museum was also granted funds from the Small Village Grants Scheme for the purchase of a computer for the Museum and the establishment of a website for the Maggie Law Museum.”