Gourdon maritime poetry on line

Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon
Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon

A collection of Gourdon poetry which raised funds for the Maggie Law Maritime Museum in the village, has been made available online.

Earlier in the year, Celia Craig drew together the collection of Gourdon poetry, which was published and hailed a success.

This venture proved to have been so successful that Celia has developed a wider anthology of poetry, associated with Gourdon and the local area, which is now currently available on the museum website www.maggielaw.co.uk

Project director Dave Ramsay said: “This is a major piece of work, and a real contribution to the rich maritime heritage of the area. It also extends the work of the museum, by offering a service for new interest groups, and is part of a community drive to be more than just a building with interesting exhibits.

“One of the major achievements of the revitalised museum has been the design and development of the Maggie Law website. Thanks to the wide professional experience of George McGillivray, who has steered, guided and supported us to a stage where we have a website which is “a quality fit” for today’s social and multimedia audiences. It allows us to provide our visitors with pre and post visit interaction and feedback, in a way which others have not yet achieved.”

Celia Craig added: “The website version of the Maggie Law Maritime Museum Poetry Anthology develops and extends the original publication, by adding additional, related poems for purposes of comparison, illustrative photos, documents, notices and detailed information on contributors and background, where available.

“It endeavours to provide a rich historical and educational resource, for the general public, pupils and researchers interested in exploring further the traditions and culture of a fishing village. I view it as a tribute to my native village, Gourdon.”

A new one-year project on the Cutty Sark began last week, with the Primary Four pupils of Bervie School, which will involve writing poetry and songs, and this new collection of poetry on the website will be a valuable teaching and educational resource.

Aberdeenshire Council (Kincardine and Mearns) provided the initial funding for the development of the website.

George McGillivray said: “It really has been a fascinating process, building the website for the Maggie Law Museum. It is great to see how the project director, and his team of volunteers, have obtained the information and embraced the latest technology to present and promote, in an interesting way, particularly the Armchair Tour. I have enjoyed seeing connections being made with Gourdon from all around the world, through the medium of the website.”

The new service and information will be launched on the website this week, and will be available to be downloaded as an e-book.