Government upholds East Newtonleys decision

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SCOTTISH Government Officials have supported a decision to turn down plans for a new supermarket at East Newtonleys on the outskirts of Stonehaven.

Bancon Developments had wanted to build a 45,200 sqft store and distributor road on the site, but the application was rejected by councillors at the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee last year, amid concerns it would be too far from the town centre and could be damaging to businesses in Stonehaven. Governemtn reporters backed their decision, saying that it would be in the “public interest” to refuse the appeal.

The supermarket itself was met with little opposition from locals, but separate plans for a distributor road were opposed by the community council and even led to protests from the Save our Stonehaven group.

Counciloors turned down the road saying that it would increase the risk of flooding, damage the landscape and lead to permanent loss of farmland.

Following the decision the developer appealed to the Scottish Government, saying that the supermarket site was within an approved business park and would have created jobs, but government reporters upheld the councillors’ decision.

The report from officials states: “Overall it does not accord with the development plan.

“With respect to other material considerations, it would help to address retail deficiencies in the catchment area.

“However, it is contrary to the emerging local development plan, and it would be premature to approve it given that the examination of that plan is about to begin.

“We therefore believe that the public interest is best served by dismissing the appeal.”

A separate appeal regarding the distributor road was also dismissed.