Great Western Preschool raise a flap

Great Western Pre-School in Portlethen welcomed 10 chicks over Easter with the children taking an active role in each stage.

Last year the pre-school welcomed six chicks but this time around the children had the pleasure of naming 10.

Great Western welcomed 10 chicks last week

Great Western welcomed 10 chicks last week

The staff helped the children write to a chicken farm in Cheshire and ask for the eggs. The children took an active role in different stages of the process which included helping build the incubator after receiving the eggs at the end of March.

As well as checking the temperature of the incubator where the chicks would spend the next 21 days the children got to see the first egg hatch on Friday April 17.

The first chick was named ‘Awesome’ and was followed by the rest of the chicks on Saturday April 18 where staff came in to watch the hatching.

Lindsay McLennan, Class Supervisor and Caitlyn Cheyne, Assistant Class Supervisor showed our reporter the chickens and how long they would be staying at the school.

Caitlyn said: “The children have been keeping this book with all the information and calendar of when we received the eggs and when the first one hatched.”

Lindsay added: “The chicks will be here for the next six to eight weeks and then they will be rehomed the same as last year with our manager Nikki’s neighbour.

“They still have the chicks from last year and it has been amazing for the children who were here last year to see how much they have grown.”

The project covers a wide part of the curriculum and the children will be given a talk from a vet in the near future and will be able to tell the children the differences between genders.

Last year the children named the chicks Fluffy, Cinders, Superman, Bria, Popcorn and Princess. This year the children at the school had their creative hats on and came up with another eclectic list of names.

The names chosen by the children are; Awesome, Hero, Chickie, Junior, Mini Egg, Libby, Hector, Cutie, Aimee, Oscar and Lacey.

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