Have a voice in the community

MORE than 20 volunteers this weekend will be embarking on a major door-to-door recruitment campaign for Stoneyvoice, the increasingly popular local email bulletin.

Stoneyvoice is organised and edited by Allan Sutherland, Stonehaven and District Community Council vice-chairman, with help from the Town Partnership.

He said this week: ‘‘There are tons of great activities going on and lots of issues that affect people.

‘‘Most people don’t know what the most effective way is to get something done about dog fouling, or at the start of every council meeting that you can ask questions of all the councillors and officials, and I can assure you that is a very effective way of making your views known!


‘‘This approach of getting in touch with people, telling them what’s going on and letting them know how to participate works.

‘‘Stoneyvoice members, and members of our ‘sister’ list, Saveourstoney, have been very effective in planning issues such as East Newtonleys housing and the Local Plan and in turning up in numbers to public meetings, when alerted on email.

‘‘We have the support of all our local councillors and MSPs, and soon it will be all clubs, organisations and businesses.

‘‘We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and don’t use Twitter or Facebook.. We’re grateful for the help of the Mearns Leader in publicising this.

‘‘Residents don’t have to wait for our flier to come through the door, all they have to do is google ‘Stoneyvoice,’ click on the link to the community council website and from there people can register and will be sent a confirmation email.

‘‘Once we really get going we will, from time to time, do surveys on local topics.

‘‘This is a great example of community spirit and local democracy, and we hope as many Leader readers as possible will sign up.”