Having another go at the knotweed in Newtonhill

Last weekend a group of dedicated volunteers from Newtonhill’s NEAT group met to tackle the Japanese knotweed at the Elsick Burn.

Just four people responded to the group’s appeal for help, although they managed to clear two colonies of the weed in just over an hour.

There is another chance to help out this weekend, meeting at 10am on Saturday morning at the East Cammachmore bridge behind St Anne’s Wynd. Please wear thick gloves, tools not needed as it just breaks off.

Scott Annand from the NEAT group said: “We found we didn’t need cutting tools - a sharp tug or kick is enough to break the stems.

‘‘We’re looking to repeat the process this Saturday at 10am, meeting at the bridge over the burn behind St Anne’s Wynd. Children are welcome and people only need old clothes and gloves.

‘‘Hopefully we can clear the stretch from the bridge to the viaduct of all the old canes of Knotweed so that this year’s growth will be better exposed for spraying by the experts.