Hens destined for salughter in Stonehaven could be saved - by you

BHWT volunteer Emma Hibbert with one of her ex-caged girls.
BHWT volunteer Emma Hibbert with one of her ex-caged girls.

Give the greatest gift of all this Christmas – life – by re-homing some ex-commercial hens destined for slaughter.

Hundreds of hens in Stonehaven are patiently perched in their cages waiting to start their festive free range retirement and the British Hen Welfare Trust is appealing to kind-hearted members of the public to adopt them.

The British Hen Welfare Trust will be re-homing the lucky girls, who would otherwise go to slaughter at the end of their commercial life, on Saturday, 03 December. Are you able to re-home some of the hens and give them their first free range Christmas and the best New Year they could wish for?

Jill Sykes, coordinator for Stonehaven, Aberdeen, said: “It really is the best feeling knowing you have helped these hens start a new life fresh out of their cages. There are hundreds with their suitcases packed, tinsel in beak, hoping to go off to new homes.

“Just think – you could wake up on Christmas morning with fresh eggs in the nest box, perfect timing for your festive egg nog! Please consider giving some hens a home, but remember – hens are for life, not just for Christmas.”

Anyone interested in giving a few down-on-their-cluck hens a second chance is urged to register on the BHWT’s website at www.bhwt.org.uk and then call 01884 860084.

If you are unable to re-home but would still like to support the charity please contact claire.joselin@bhwt.co.uk or visit www.bhwt.org.uk to find out more ways to get involved. Perhaps you can organise some Free Range Festivities this Christmas and tuck into some tasty treats whilst raising money to help re-home hens.