Hillside safety fears

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Alison Evison, the Scottish Labour Candidate for North Kincardine, has been acting on the concerns of Hillside residents about the footpath which runs from the bottom of Schoolhill Road along the A90 to the underpass and is used to access amenities in Portlethen.

Many children use this path on their way to school and some have been seen to play on bicycles and with balls in the area.

There is no crash barrier separating the path from the busy A90 and parents are concerned that an accident could easily happen here.

Recent fog emphasised the potential for a disaster at the location.

Alison Evison commented: “Safety should always be a prime concern. Yet it seems to have been overlooked in this case. When the planning brief for Hillside was originally produced, there was much talk about ‘Safer routes to school’.

“I have contacted BEAR Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council to ask them to take action to ensure that a barrier is put in place so that this is indeed a safe route to school.

“There is currently nowhere safe for youngsters to play football in Hillside so they are taking risks along the sides of roads.”

The Labour candidate has heard back from Keith Craigie of BEAR Scotland and he reports that BEAR have now looked at the area and recognise the validity of the concerns expressed.

BEAR have asked Stewart Milne to erect some temporary fencing until such time as a permanent solution can be agreed.