History set to go under the hammer

Following the success of the first auction on the green, another sale is set to take place with items being put under the hammer to help raise money for Aberdeen’s Neo natal unit.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 3rd October 2012, 2:29 pm

Organiser of the newly established auction on the green, Phil-Mills Bishop, explained that this months sale will once again feature items that form part of Stonehaven’s history with a full length Victorian Art Nouveau swivel dressing mirror and rail from the former premise of Ramsay’s Haberdashery and Outfitters shop featuring in the sale.

The old Haberdashery’s is now the site of the Co-op on the corner of Market Square. The mirror and rail were discovered in the attic when the last part of the store was recently sold by Mr Hugh Ramsay.

My Ramsay explained that the mirror and rail had been used within the store for many years by generations of Stonehaven residents and had got lost up in the back attic when redevelopment took place. Seeing the pieces again brought back memories for Mr Ramsay.

He said: “When I looked into the old mirror that Phil is selling at his next auction the reflection was of an old man but in my mind’s eye for an instant I was again the young man who took over the running of the shop in 1953 after serving two years National Service”.

Hugh explained that one of his most vivid memories from his time at the shop was of the opening day of the 1955 sales when a child, alone in a parked car, released the car brakes and the car rolled backwards crashing into his shop’s front windows. Then in the ensuing chaos the day’s takings were stolen. The incident was covered in this paper at the time.

Organiser of the action on the green, Phil-Mills Bishop explains why putting local items in the sales is important.

He said: “Including items of local historical interest not only revives memories of a past Stonehaven but also insures that it is locally purchased and thereby preserved. This will be a continuing theme in all Auction On the Sales.”

Anyone with unusual items of local interest that are in danger of being forgotten, lost or destroyed should contact Mr Mills-Bishop.

The first auction on the green raised £100 for the Neo natal unit as old signs from Stonehaven went under the hammer. Mr Mills-Bishop is hoping to double that total with charity items in the coming auction.

The Auction on the Green will take place on Saturday October 13 at 12noon in Stonehaven Bowling Club.