HM Coastguard seeks volunteers

WORK on the local cliffs.
WORK on the local cliffs.

stonehaven Coastguard is looking for new members to join its team.

HM Coastguard at Stonehaven has a building in Cowie housing a 4x4 rescue vehicle, cliff and search equipment, and is the base for 11 local volunteers who are trained to respond to emergencies in the local area, covering from Aberdeen to Montrose.

they are the part of the Montrose Sector, which has stations at Stonehaven, Montrose and Arbroath, all of whom are now recruiting.

A popular misconception is that the local Coastguard man boats - the truth is they train for cliff rescue, shore and river searches, water rescue, and assist in mud rescue.

HM Coastguard co-ordinates all maritime incidents, and they often call on the local declared resource, MRI, to assist in searches along the coast. They are also trained to work with the rescue helicopters, both the Coastguard and also the RAF and Navy - they have communications to speak to all these resources during an incident, and update the Coastguard ops rooms in Aberdeen and Forth.

the Coastguard work closely with the other emergency services, the ambulance and police are usually present at “shouts” and they are also called on to support the Fire and Rescue Service, as during the November floods of 2009, where they had eight coastguards out, helping people out of flooded houses to the safety of the Stonehaven Town Hall.

The Stonehaven team now have vacancies for new members. A degree of fitness is required, preferably you should live and work locally, and have your employers permission to leave work if the pager goes off for a call out. You would need to attend training approximately twice a month and attend call outs as often as possible.

Full training is given, new entries also get uniform and protective gear issued, and basic expenses are paid.

For further information on joining please contact: Ross Greenhill, Sector Manager, HM Coastguard, Traill Drive, Montrose. DD10 8EL.

The volunteer Coastguard Rescue Service provides the UK’s coastal search and rescue capability and as part of Her Majesty’s Coastguard it can operate separately or jointly with other emergency services and volunteer rescue organisations. It consists of teams of volunteers (Coastguard Rescue Teams), drawn from the local community, which are fully trained and equipped to carry out search and rescue operations around the coast of the UK.

Volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officers come from all walks of life. They are people who have chosen to serve their communities and the public by giving their time, skills and effort willingly and without salary. The service values this commitment and contribution very highly.

HM Coastguard will give you full training and regular training opportunities so that you are able to carry out your emergency response duties safely and competently. This will include training in matters such as first aid, map work, search techniques, communications, and, depending on your locality, rope rescue, mud rescue etc.