Homeward bound: Bert and Ernie reunited

Incredible journey: Bert travelled more than 10 miles, nearly making it back on his own, before being reunited with Kian
Incredible journey: Bert travelled more than 10 miles, nearly making it back on his own, before being reunited with Kian

A Gourdon family are feline great after being reunited with their young cat who went missing in late November.

Bert and Ernie were two kittens bought for the 11th birthday of Katrina Stephen’s youngest son, Kian.

Cat nap: Bert (grey) 'chinning' on Ernie (tabby)

Cat nap: Bert (grey) 'chinning' on Ernie (tabby)

But just two days before Kian’s 12th birthday, Bert accidentally wandered into a neighbour’s van and ran out of it near the Spurryhillock Industrial Estate, plunging the family into a state of despair.

“I kept telling myself he’d been taken in by some old dear and was being spoiled, but every possibility went through my head,” explained Katrina. “And when the weather started to turn in the new year I didn’t think he could possibly have made it.”

Katrina spent the immediate period after Bert went missing driving around calling for him, often until well into the small hours of the morning, and posted on various Facebook groups and lost pet forums.

“Lots of people were messaging me with similar looking cats,” she said. “But they were never him. Then a lady from a dairy farm who knows my sister asked her if it was me who was looking for the cat, because they had one hanging around their farm that looked just like him.”

On Wednesday, January 6, Katrina visited the farm just outside Bervie, but Bert didn’t show up.

Katrina said: “The lady explained that there were new people working on the farm so that might’ve frightened him away, and he didn’t show up on the Thursday either, but on the Friday, they rang me and told me he was there.”

Katrina picked up Bert then went into school to pick up her eldest, who had a half-day, and saw Kian in reception.

Kian said: “I was walking with my friends and I’d heard that my mum had turned up to school so I went over to look and she told me that Bert had been found.

“Honestly, I was just so happy to have my cat back.”

He added: “I always knew he was still alive, but I was starting to think that he might never come home.”

Though the exact distance Bert travelled is unknown, to have gone from the Spurryhillock Industrial Estate to Bervie indidcates that he went on an incredible journey of at least 10 miles - and only a mile or two short of making it all the way home on his own.

He had picked up a few scabs and scratches from his ordeal, but the vet said that most of his injuries were consistent with running away from fights and getting caught on brambles rather than getting into scraps.

According to the family, Ernie is a little annoyed that he’s not getting as much attention now his brother’s back, but Bert is delighted to be home.