In my view - Beer Festival was a hit

I can imagine there was a few sore heads Saturday morning or Sunday morning if you went to the Midsummer Beer Happening this past weekend.

I wasn’t too bad actually having visited the purposefully erected marquee at Baird Park on Saturday afternoon.

I make no apologises that the Beer Festival in Stonehaven is one of my favourite jobs of the year. Having worked in pubs and clubs since turning 18 I always hated the stigma that came with my chosen profession. I continued working in the hospitality trade after I finished university while I dipped my toe in journalism at the Fraserburgh Herald.

However the fit wasn’t for me up in the Broch and I continued working at the recently closed RGU:Union. The stigma of working in ‘just a bar’ is quite the bitter pill to swallow. It is a fantastic profession and it never got the respect it deserved in my opinion, although I do think attitudes are changing.

I digress as I could talk about stories from the bar for hours, and I was sorely tempted to see if the Midsummer Beer Happening wanted an extra pair of hands on Saturday.

The reason I didn’t manage to get along on the Thursday or Friday was purely for transportation needs. What type of reporter would I be if I went along to the event and didn’t partake for purely research purposes?

I heeded the warning on the glasses at the Beer Festival to never drink and drive and took the new award winning X7 down the coast (which you can read on page 7). I also saw the aftermath at the Newtonhill Tesco ATM which was boarded up (read more page 3).

Having heard Monday morning that 4,800 people went to the beer festival over the three days, I would say it qualifies as a major success. The atmosphere was brilliant inside with music, food and plenty of beer. I made sure to visit all corners, north, south, east and west (again for research purposes) and I never waited longer than five minutes to get served. Since this was the first time the event was held at Baird Park in a marquee there will of course be lessons that organisers will have learned. If I was to nit pick I’d say more chairs were needed and maybe some more toilets but that didn’t seem to impact anyone too much on Saturday afternoon.

My better half and I had our own mini cutest pet competition since the event was dog friendly and we even saw a bunch of adults sitting on the floor playing an old childhood favourite, Duck, Duck, Goose. The temptation to join in was huge but I also wanted to ask them what they were having to use my next token on. Let me know your thoughts