In my view - Can’t wait for the hockey season

Earlier this year I went to my first ice hockey game and I’ve been hooked ever since.

On Valentine’s day my better half suggest that we go to the hockey at the leisure centre in Aberdeen.

She had heard that games were exciting and a hidden gem in the north east and boy was she right.

Aberdeen Lynx are the second highest supported sports team in Aberdeen and the thing that surprised me the most about my first and subsequent visits was how many families were in attendance.

The children were so excited watching the game unfold with plenty of twists, turns and power plays.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went to the ice hockey, apart from maybe a fight or two.

However if you think hockey is violent then I would have to disagree with you.

Yes, there is the odd fight, however referees are quick to stop anyone getting seriously hurt, offenders are rightly punished and then play continues.

The atmosphere is a complete contrast to football. The crowds are friendly and supporters of opposing teams can easily sit next to each other, with no hint of fear or intimidation. I’ve yet to be at an ice hockey game where someone has made me feel uncomfortable sitting beside them.

I have been bored to sleep watching a football game on television or while I’ve been attendance. However I have never once been bored while at an ice hockey game for Aberdeen Lynx.

I’ve told quite a number of friends and colleagues about the games since I went back in February and many have also gone to see it for themselves saying the same as me.

Since that first game on Valentines Day, I am yet to miss a home game and even managed to catch an away cup tie a couple of months back in Glasgow.

If you are looking for something different to do on a Saturday night and don’t like your football, I highly recommend checking out ice hockey.

The club also print out some of the ref signals on the match programme which are very helpful.

With the fast paced action I have found myself completely lost as to what was happening. If you go alone to a game here is a couple of players to watch out for who have really made the price of admission seem cheap as chips;

Ross McIntosh. Ross has just resigned with the club. Little did I know he was playing in his debut season for the club and I never would of guessed it with how at ease he was on ice. Ross was easily a fan favourite and bossed teams on the ice. Another player I’ve enjoyed watching was Jordan Leyden. Jordan actually went to the same primary school as myself and it is great to see a fellow Woodside pupil doing so well.

Aberdeen Lynx first game of the season comes in the Autumn cup next Saturday (September 5) finally getting the season under way.

The opening game will be against the Dundee Tigers in Aberdeen. What more could you want from an opening fixture.....local rivals at home in the cup.

I’ve picked up my season ticket and follow the club on Facebook to get the latest up to date news.

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