In my view - devastation across Shire

This week there was no let-up for communities across Aberdeenshire as more adverse weather led to flooding.

My thoughts go out to anyone affected in the past two weeks. We can only hope that the worst is past us and now we can survey the damage done and begin to rebuild.

Pictures and videos have painted the picture of utter devastation across Deeside, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire and other parts of Scotland.

Roads have collapsed, houses have been damaged, caravans have disappeared and treasured memories have been lost.

It can seem like the lowest point is right now, however, in my role covering mainly Stonehaven, Kincardine and Mearns I have had the opportunity to speak to people who have gone through this before and have come out the other side.

These people have told me their stories of how they have managed to rebuild and get their lives back on track after serious flooding.

It can be done and I fully believe the communities in Aberdeenshire will survive and get back on their feet.

The folk of this neck of the woods are known for their dry wit and sarcasm and a perfect example of this, is a friend of a friend who found themselves having to deal with the aftermath of flooding.

Their response to me on asking how things were was ‘aye, forgot the snorkel to get my cornflakes pal.!

It was conveying the seriousness of the situation in the typical north east way, that only we can probably understand.

It will take some time to recover and I wish everyone the best of luck with their efforts and hope the situation is not as dire as pictures have shown.

One thing that has emerged in this flooding aftermath is how communities have come together to support each other.

In places such as Laurencekirk and Inverbervie, local fire stations opened their doors to receive donations for those affected by flooding, and these hastily convened events have been greatly received.

It was good to see some supermarkets also allowing volunteers to take donations of much needed supplies, even offering bags to pack them in.

I did this on my recent shopping trip as I’m sure others have too.

Fundraising events across Aberdeenshire have also seen thousands of pounds raised showing that communities unaffected stand arm in arm with those that have.

As mentioned earlier, my main patch covers Stonehaven and south Aberdeenshire and Stoney had, in my opinion, a very lucky escape last Thursday.

Doing hourly trips to each of the river Carron bridges filled me with dread and worry for those who could have been devastated by another flood.

One thing I think will need looked at is the flood defences across our communities.

Something, in my opinion, has to be done to make sure we do not have to go through this again.

However, as a friend pointed out when I said this, the defences have to be up to scratch, carefully thought out and not merely thrown together.

In England some flood defences were compromised and communities still devastated by flooding.

Let me know your thoughts the usual way