In My View - Housing market is a joke

This week’s ramblings will be a rant because I just can’t fathom what in the blue hell is going on with the housing market throughout the city and shire.

I know quite a few people who work for estate agents and I’ve spoken to a couple of them and asked them what is going on with a market that is increasingly, in my opinion, hampering buyers.

I’m at that age now where I’d love to be able to put a deposit down on a property. However once you have got past that massive hurdle, there is a bigger hurdle of properties going above asking price. My buddy who recently bought a house, told me the story about another property that he was pretty keen on. He put a bid in (over asking) and was later told that he had missed out. He told me that the property went for £20,000 above asking.

I don’t know about people around Kincardine and Mearns but I do not have that type of money just lying around.

I find myself going through a multitude of emotions when I consider if I will ever truly be able to buy a home. The first is jealousy of who has managed to get themselves onto the property market. From the bottom of my heart I’ve no idea how you did it and kudos to you.

The second is sorrow. I mentioned how the deposit is a huge hurdle but the more I contemplate the market, my finances and the possibility of putting an offer on a property the further it looks in the distance.

Entering the housing market looks the same to me as walking into a bookies, picking a random horse and hoping for the best.

Anger. I’m a born and bred Aberdonian, who loves the city but feels frustrated and angry that I’ll have to buy outwith it.

Not everyone is awash with oil money. I may sound bitter but having talked to a number of friends both older and younger I know they feel the same way.

I’ve been told from a very young age, from family and the older generation that I had to get an education to stand a chance at a good job. I was told if I didn’t go to university I would find myself with a terrible job, unable to afford a house and miserable. However having completed my degree, unable to afford a home I do feel slightly ripped off.

To give an example, there is a development being built not too far from my flat where the starting price for a two bedroom apartment is £290,000.

Getting involved in the housing market in this region feels like you’ve prepared yourself for a 100m race, when the race is a marathon, with hurdles, and every mile someone beats you with a stick.

The city and shire are so much more than oil. The walks, the castles, the whisky, the pubs, the restaurants and people all make this region something special.

Maybe it’s just me. I’m not looking to blame anyone but having held up my end of the bargain, getting an education and getting a job, I do feel like the goalposts have been moved for my generation in the housing market.

I love hearing your thoughts, both good and bad. If you think I’ve missed the mark then let me know, if you find yourself in the same position then I sympathise with you.

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