In my view - In the summer time

Being on the cusp of summer, I can start getting excited about the events around Kincardine and Mearns I’m hoping to attend.

With plenty to cover, I’m sure, I am going to give the ‘higher ups’ a bit of a shock when I put my time sheet in. I’m hoping to attend as many gala’s and highland games as possible. As you will see from this week’s paper, the Midsummer Beer Happening has announced a 72 mile cycle challenge as part of the three day event. This is another event which, for purely editorial reasons (DepEd: We believe you Lee!) I am looking forward too. We’ve got some news on the Feein Market in this weeks edition, both deputy editor Rachel Campbell and myself will be at the event and look forward to seeing all the stalls.

While I eagerly await these events like a dog waiting to go on a walk there is one thing I’d like to touch on regarding all the events. The people behind them.

Thank you! Those two words are all I have to offer at the moment but hopefully my explanation will reinvigorate you. Here at the Mearns Leader we are stern believers that the work volunteers do to help run these events every year should be celebrated. Last year we had the Thank You to the Volunteer series which we hope to bring back this summer. Rachel and myself loved heading out to these groups and giving a helping hand and then documenting our experience with them. We helped out the Open Air Pool, The Laurencekirk Lunch Club, The Tolbooth Museum and others throughout the summer.

Back in my old pub quiz days and hospitality days I used to be responsible for a number of events throughout the year and I remember the worry and self doubt that came along with it. Thinking to myself ‘have we promoted it enough, does X know what they are doing, what if no one comes?’ The worry that maybe not enough tickets have been sold was another that used to wake me up in a cold sweat at night.

By and large most of these problems sorted themselves out due to the team of volunteers I had behind me. It is always worth saying Thank You to those who selflessly give up their thank you, thank you for all your hard work, all your sacrifices, all the stress you put yourself through and all the meetings you have to organise your events. I look forward to all the events over the course of the summer and trying my utmost not to get my face painted.

The only thing left to worry about if the weather will be on your side on the day. Does anyone know a non rain dance perhaps?