In My View - Nuisance calls, we get them too

Working in a busy newsroom, you deal with a huge of e-mails, calls and messages on social media on a daily basis.

Sometimes the messages on social media are confusing and simply mind boggling to deal with.

You’d be surprised how often we get people posting on our Facebook about Obama and some advice for the American Government. These posts are met with a Kevin Bridges reply of ‘Did ye, aye’.

What the Mearns Leader, Kincardineshire Observer or Deeside Piper is supposed to do about the American Government I’m not sure but have a fantastic day sir and you’ll get the hang of Facebook one day.

As much as we laugh at the nuisance messages we receive at the office that have nothing to do with the newspapers I was slightly taken aback this week with a phone call we had received.

I’ll transcribe how the conversation went. If you’ve visited our new done up office on Ann Street it was to our ‘red phone’ which sits proudly in the middle between reporters.

“Good morning Mearns Leader.”

“Hello, yes, I’m calling on because we have been told that someone at your family home has had an accident and we want to talk to them about claiming compensation.”

“Erm, think you got the wrong number bud.”

“No, it was definitely someone at this home.”

“You are speaking to the Mearns Leader based in Stonehaven, we are a newspaper.”

“Oh I’m sorry for that mistake...”

“Which company are you phoning from?”

“Bye sir.”

The whole thing couldn’t of went longer than 40 seconds, but I had a good laugh with my colleagues about it.

Sometimes our special red phone rings and all we hear is beeping, like we are receiving a this phonecall was news to all of us. We’ve picked up the phone to recorded messages about PPI but never an actual person.

There was a spate of phone calls to some of our reporters personal phones in the beginning of November, which did coincide with the Talk Talk data breach. Whether that was linked to it or not is pure speculation on my part... however the mobile number I have was first received with my contract with Carphone Warehouse. Which started Talk Talk before the demerger of 2010.

Nuisance phon ecalls are exactly what they say on the tin....a nuisance. However around this time of year there seems to be more nuisance phone calls than before with, some I would class as a complete scam and not just a nuisance.

Consumer group Which? published their latest figures, one year on since the first report by the Nuisance Calls and Texts Task Force. It showed there was more to be done, but one company that bombarded people with nearly six million nuisance calls has been fined £850,000. At this time of year I would hate to think of someone getting scammed and losing thousands.

Kincardine, Mearns and Deeside are fantastic areas that have a great community spirit to watch out for one another. Here is hoping that those nuisance callers take Christmas off so we can all enjoy some turkey.