In my view - Ruff week for Britain’s Got Talent

Nothing quite like a bit of controversy regarding Britain’s Got Talent with Ofcom saying this week that viewers were misled.

ITV have offered a refund to those who voted in the final.

The Ofcom spokesperson said: “After a detailed investigation, we found ITV broke broadcasting rules by misleading viewers during the series finale.

“We accepted ITV had no intention to deceive the audience. However, the presentation of the act did not make clear to viewers that a central part was performed by a second dog.

“Broadcasters inviting viewers to vote using premium rate numbers have a particular responsibility to ensure the audience is clear about what they are voting for. By failing to do so, we’ve concluded the presentation of the act was likely to have materially misled some people.”

Britain was apparently in uproar about being misled when a similar stunt dog was used.

When the news came out months back we had quite the discussion here at Mearns Leader HQ. The feeling here was that we can see the point when viewers felt they were ‘duped’ with the performance by Jules and Matisse.

My feelings at the time were slightly mixed. In all honesty I didn’t care that another dog had been used. I feel that others would have been more upset if Matisse, who didn’t like heights, was made to do the trick instead of stunt dog Chase.

There was 1,175 complaints after the finale in June. Surely there would have been a way round this when they were writing the performance. Chase was used in the semi final it was unlikely voters and viewers would have been annoyed if Chase appeared again.

The scene where ‘Matisse’ (who was actually Chase) escapes the prision from right to left could easily have been changed.

Here is my quick solution which would have allowed Chase to perform the act and save the fears of Matisse who doesn’t like heights: reverse the direction.

Have the whole performance the exact same apart from the height stunt.

What I mean by this is that when Matisse was ‘arrested’ and put in jail for stealing sausages, instead of Matisse escaping you could have Chase save the day and climb from left to right into the prison to save Matisse.

Of course from there you go onto the lovely scene of the three legged dog coming on and we find out that Matisse and Chase were stealing food for the three legged dog. Tick all boxes? Let me know at