In My View - The best and worst of football

I’ll get this one out the way quickly, ramblings this week come courtesy of football.

I wrote about sport a couple of weeks back which led to some discussion between sport enthusiasts and sport haters.

However, I’m going to dive in head first and say this week I think we have seen the best that football has to offer but I still feel that football has a long way to go in general.

Both Motherwell fans and Aberdeen fans paid tribute to a young Aberdeen supporter who lost his battle with cancer.

James Stewart was 16 years old and from Peterculter and passed away just over a year after being diagnosed with bone cancer. My thoughts are with the family and friends at this difficult time.

Humanity should always come before football.

The Motherwell scoreboard lit up ‘James Stewart RIP’ which was a lovely touch by the club.

Football fans are some of the most loyal, caring and genuine people you’ll come across. But there will always be numpties, always.

Sitting watching the Manchester derby with the other half on Sunday afternoon got me thinking about how much I dislike some aspects of football.

I’m not just talking about diving and trying to con a referee . The constant dishonesty really rubs me the wrong way.

A player quite clearly kicks another player and then proceeds to say that he dived, a player knows he was the last to touch it but continues to appeal that it is his team’s ball and a player rolling around the ground to get up like nothing happened.

I find these little nuisances the most frustrating. Why bother?

A friend of mine berated me last week because I commented at our six-a-side game that one team was unlucky with their shot against us.

It was unlucky because it came off the post, however that didn’t stop him two minutes later when the opposition did score, turning to me and saying “surprised you didn’t celebrate that”.

I had no idea that an honest comment would be met with such venom.

The ‘win at all cost’ mentality has seeped through to those playing just for fun. I just want to play a bit of football and have a laugh with friends, I couldn’t care less about the result.

I might have done when I was younger and would have let it bother me for a day or two but now I am more concerned about the state of my legs at the end of a game and how they will feel in the morning.

I’m not sure whether I’ve got the right attitude on this one or I am just becoming more grumpy as I get older.

For every single thing I see that makes me enjoy football, I seem to find another five that annoy me.

Ticket prices in the UK are shocking and it is as though fans are treated as unwavering cash points.

I remember fans lining the street to see the parade of Aberdeen players after they won the League Cup not so long ago.

A person near to me piped up “where were this lot on Saturday?” and this has always stood with me, because in this fan’s eyes you had to be there every week to be a ‘real’ fan.

Maybe that family of four can’t afford season tickets but still wanted to show their support. I think I might hate football.