In My View - Watching paint dry

With a week off under my belt, I returned to work on Monday, straight into the deep end of making sure editions made the shelves.

It is always hard coming back to work after some time off. I find that it takes me a couple of days to fine-tune myself back into the working way.

It helps when your colleagues can keep you up to speed and before you know it, it was like you weren’t even off on annual leave.

While away, I had a cracking time in Amsterdam with some friends for a few days and got to see “The Classic”. To those who don’t follow football that is Ajax v Feyenoord. The biggest fixture of the Netherlands.

I enjoyed the game as the atmosphere inside the ground was electric from start to finish.

There was an Ajax ‘superfan’ a couple of rows in front of me, who kept me entertained throughout the match. This guy was feeling every kick and pass and while I am not sure the players would of heard him from the nosebleeds, it didn’t seem to matter to him one bit.

I can take Amsterdam off my bucket list now and look forward to a couple more adventures throughout the year.

It wasn’t all play during my time off though, I had a couple of shorthand exams to sit at the end of the week and I currently await my results. I’m not confident of the results, but it was good exam practice for the future and hopefully I will feel more confident when I next sit down to do them.

You might be wondering at this time what the headline has got to do with this week’s ramblings? It is meant in the literal sense that I was actually watching paint dry this past weekend and earlier in the week.

My flatmate recently moved out, meaning the better half and I have been doing up the spare room for when family and friends stay over from further afield.

I’ll go on record right now and say that I am a terrible painter and decorator and will never be paid to do such work in my life.

I thought I would enjoy painting, and it wasn’t as laborious as I first thought. However painting a spare room, turned into giving the bathroom a lick of paint and has someone turned into looking into whether the kitchen also needs some painting done.

I thought I would be a dab hand with the roller, but all I managed to do was get it all over the old clothes I decided to put on.

Hopefully for now my DIY stint is over and I can look forward to never holding a paint brush for at least a couple of years.

Recently there has been talk amongst the office about taking part in another race this year like we did with the Beast Race last year.

I’m not sure whether the talk has been serious or just a fleeting idea, but it got me thinking about what I put myself through to survive the Beast Race.

The exercise, the diet and research to take on the Beast last year I now look back fondly on but for a few months after it, I remember telling myself that I never wanted to go through it again.

The cuts, bruises and aches took a while to subside and I was still sore after a wee week away in Majorca at the start of October. I hope the chat wasn’t serious, if it was, can someone please pass the paintbrush.