In my view - We’ve been a bit cheeky lately

The old Mearns Leader sign came down this week making us all laugh
The old Mearns Leader sign came down this week making us all laugh

You know that look on a child’s face when you just know they’ve been up to something?

Well that is the look I imagine has been on my own face this past couple of weeks. The headline isn’t suggesting that reporters have had a ‘cheeky Nandos’, it more reflects we have had a bit more fun on our social media recently.

Social media is a great tool for us journalists - we get an instant reaction for our stories, which can be both good and bad and we also have a very useful tool in story gathering. A lot of our website hits come directly from Facebook and Twitter as we now compete for likes, followers, retweets, favourites and hits.

However we were discussing our social media the other week and it felt like we were missing something. I like when a story I’ve written engages with people on social media. For a journalist there is nothing worse than pouring everything into a story to find out that people just simply don’t care.

I enjoy the more humourous nature of social media and a lot of you will already know the two recent examples that we’ve shared that have been on the ‘lighter’ side of news. I am of course referring to the seagull with a takeaway box stuck on it’s head and the old Mearns Leader sign which came down this past week.

If you are unsure what I mean by the last one I can quickly summarise... our office has had a bit of a refurbishment and when the old sign that you can see on Ann Street came down, the workmen had a bit of a laugh and left the letters A.R.S.E.D still above the office for a while.

We shared it on Facebook and Twitter to some great reactions. One person who shared the picture struck a note with me when they said “Always keep your sense of humour.” In my personal rambling opinion people can be quick off the mark to get offended at something. I’ve done it myself and I’m not sure why instant reaction can come with such venom and hate. I sometimes find myself angry when I’ve published a story online and the first comment I receive back is someone pointing out a typo. Mistakes happen and they always will, I’m not annoyed at the person pointing the mistake out, I am more annoyed I let the mistake happen in the first place. When the next mistake happens I would be mindful to remember the sharer’s wise words of “Always keep your sense of humour”.

Going by some of the comments and puns we get on stories I know there are people in Kincardine and Mearns with a brilliant sense of humour. Sometimes we also get sent headline ideas as well, those always make us a laugh. Send in your pictures and puns to