In my view - Well done everyone involved

It was a little over three weeks ago that I read a story that was to appear in the Mearns Leader by my colleague Martyn Simpson.

I had been off on annual leave at the start of December and had passed information about an event to Martyn so that it could be given coverage for that week’s edition.

When I read the story, I found myself getting a lump in my throat and I could swear there was a fly in the office that started pestering my eyes.

First things first, congratulations, well done, great job and every other superlative available to those who gave up their time to be at St James Church on Christmas Day as part of the Stonehaven Cares Christmas dinner.

An idea from Scott Reid to put on a Christmas dinner for those who may be spending it alone this Christmas snowballed and gained traction as volunteers and companies came forward to help in any way they could.

This idea sparked an outpouring and volunteers rolled their sleeves up and put together something that those who attended will never forget.

Even now as I am typing this up, there is definitely a fly in this office bugging my eyes.

What a touching idea to have the dinner and give those who would spend Christmas alone, hours of joy and company.

It is what Christmas should be all about.

To the companies who donated to the event and to those who gave up their time to help in any way they could, including cooking and driving, I say thank you.

In this line of work you can become jaded and surrounded by uncomfortable news on a daily basis.

This story not only filled my heart with happiness, it restored my faith in people.

I’ve taken some stick recently and it was good to be reminded that there is a bigger picture.

I hope that we were able to help by giving coverage to the event and letting anyone who might have been facing the dire prospect of spending Christmas alone, know about it.

The Christmas dinner event shows the community spirit in Stonehaven.

It shows the kind heartedness of people here and it really did show that Stonehaven folk care.

This event also helped remind me why I love this job, and why I want to continue doing this.

We were more than happy to give this event coverage.

Giving people who had nowhere to go on Christmas a chance to relax and enjoy some good food and more importantly, some great company, was a wonderful thing to do and deserved to be on our front page a couple of weeks back.

It is one thing to think about how horrible it would be for someone to be spending Christmas alone, but it is another thing to decide to do something about it.

To all the volunteers involved - you carried out a wonderful act of kindness , one that will be talked about for years to come in this office.

I would urge anyone who might want to help someone who is lonely to check out local charity Kincardine and Deeside Befrienders.

The charity has done some great work over the past few years and it would be a great start for anyone who had similar thinking to help those who might be lonely.