Inverbervie Probus

Inverbervie & District Club met in The Crown Hotel on Tuesday, April 30 when Programme Secretary John Mackenzie introduced our speaker, Ms. Lorraine Stewart from the Kirkton of Fetteresso, Stonehaven.

Monday, 6th May 2013, 3:15 pm

Lorraine is the middle of setting up her own business, researching family trees. If you are fed up of doing it for yourself, look no further!

Her presentation was entitled Migration to/from Kirkton of Fetteresso in the 19th Century, and Lorraine told us of people who left from here for Australia and Canada. This had been extremely well researched. Though the land had been promised to these folks, the facilities they had expected to walk into on arrival just didn’t exist and the town of New Stonehaven was never built. Some people stuck it out, some didn’t.

‘From the lone sheiling of the misty island, Mountains divide us, and the waste of seas, Yet still the blood is strong, the heart is Highland, And we in dreams behold the Hebrides’. (Canadian Boat Song - David Macbeth Moir 1798-1851).

The Vote of Thanks for yet another thoroughly enjoyable presentation was given by Treasurer Member Ian Robertson.