Investigation into fire raising in Bervie public toilets

POLICE are investigating a recent incident of fire raising in Bervie’s public toilets.

Two police representatives attended at Monday night’s meeting of the Inverbervie and District Community Council to give members an update of any on-going problems in the area and said that inquiries into the incident, which took place in the Church Street toilets, were on-going.

It was also reported that instances of youth annoyance in the burgh - such as knocking on doors and running away, and throwing things at people’s windows - were on the increase, with the lighter nights and good weather being sited as contributing factors.

Members were urged to get in touch with the local policing team if they witnessed any incidents.


Mearns councillor George Carr said that moves were underway to tidy up the trees in the Hallgreen and Craigarbel Crescent area of the burgh, after residents complained about their overgrown and messy nature.

He said he had received confirmation that there would not be a problem with the stability of the bank if some of the older trees were removed, and said the next step would be to consult residents about the proposed work to see if there were any objections.

“The older residents want to see the area restored to a nice walk way where they can go up and sit - it just needs tidied up,” he said. “That is what they would like to see. They are not happy with some of the big trees because they are over-hanging some of the gardens. Old and young are all quite concerned about his so I think we need to have more shrub type of things that aren’t going to grow forever and a day.

“These trees were put in and no work was done and then people start to take the law into their own hands and start lopping bits off which is no good.”


Members noted that the time on the burgh clock had still not been changed, despite a request being made to Aberdeenshire Council.

Alan Reid and Neil Paterson volunteered to take charge of the job to ensure it got done promptly in the future, if the local authority would hand over responsibility.

Mr Reid said: “I’m so fed up with this. I just feel we are not getting anything - we pay our rates like everyone else.”


The issue of parking along the burgh’s King Street was also discussed, with a consensus that there were major problems being caused thanks to a lack of common sense.

The possibility of getting a loading bay established outside Willie Beattie’s so lorries could deliver to various shops without cars being allowed to park was touted as one solution to the problem.

Aberdeenshire Provost Bill Howatson said he would investigate the option further.


The Community Council are still looking for a secretary, who would received an honorariam for minuting the monthly meetings. The group is also seeking new members - anyone interested in joining, should come along to the next meeting on June 13 at 7.30pm in the Burgh Chambers.