Is this the path to politics?

Residents in Inverbervie have expressed concern about where to turn when a local issue needs addressed following the recent disbandment of their Community Council.

Many of Inverbervie Community Council’s members resigned in May which meant, with only two members left, it could no longer function as a Community Council.

One group of residents raised an issue with this newspaper this week about an area in the town that has become neglected and to say they don’t know where to turn to discuss local matters such as these.

The concerned residents have noticed what they describe as a safety risk in the community. They are concerned about an entrance path to The Haughs playing fields from the top of Church Street, which around 80 school aged children walk down every weekend for football training.

The steps that were previously there are now worn away to the extent that the metal spikes holding them together are sticking out and the grass has grown so high that the path is no longer even visible.

The only alternate route to the Haughs is by walking on the roadside at School Wynd which the residents say is unsafe for children as its a one way road and often cars are squeezing to get past each other, let alone having to consider lots of children walking up and down the road. They also said that the roadside is quite steep for children to be walking along and as there’s hardly any parking at the Haughs walking is generally encouraged to ease congestion.

As a Community Council’s job is to act as a channel of the opinions of the local community, they usually have a strong involvement in local infrastructure such as footpaths, and after the resignation of many of its members, the locals are stuck without that vital link to getting things done.