It happened in the Mearns

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - February 2nd 1990

Mineralwell Park is the focus of sporting attention in the Stonehaven area today, as important things have been happening there. This follows the access road being taken over by the District Council; the decision of Stonehaven Thistle Cricket Club to stay put at the Park; and, more importantly, the news that £100,000 is being made available in 1990/91 for a new changing pavilion.

All local clubs and interested parties are to meet in the near future at Viewmount with Football Trust officials to discuss the Park. While this Trust may be able to make further grant money available, Stonehaven Junior F.C. officials have also indicated that money may be forthcoming from their Association. However, there is a problem with the Park becoming a one-sport, soccer facility, which may be a requisite for Football Trust or Junior F.A. grants.

50 YEARS AGO - January 29th 1965

A Stonehaven skipper and his two-man crew were rescued from the sea last Thursday when their fishing boat, the Iona, was dashed against the rocks at the harbour entrance, near Crammie Cair point. On shore local fishermen and townsfolk looked on anxiously while Skipper Robert Cormack (35), Ian Balgowan (19), and Ian Watt (16), hung on to the rail at the bow of their sinking boat.

Acting as anchor-man, Ian Balgowan tied the rope round his waist while his two companions clung to it. All jumped into the icy water and were pulled 20 feet to safety. For Ian Balgowan the drama was a repeat of an incident in which he was involved four years ago when the “Loyalty” sank at almost the same spot. When his father was asked if it would deter Ian from returning to the sea, he replied: “He has no qualms about going back. The sea is his life.”

100 YEARS AGO - February 4th 1915

In such a time of war it is interesting to find that the Arts of peace are not being neglected. We publish this week the successes of two Mackie Academy pupils in the recent Trinity College Examination held in Aberdeen. This steady maintenance of musical excellence reflects great credit on the music teachers of the Mackie Academy, Mrs Mackay and Mr J. Allan McGill. The Town Band too, in spite of that fact that it is composed mostly of recruits is “going strong” and the regular two nights’ practice a week which the members are doing just now will enable them to make a very creditable first public appearance in the beginning of summer.


The girls hockey match between Mackie and Montrose Academies the local girls were “wiped” to the extent of 17 goals to 0.