It happened in the Mearns

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - February 9th 1990

Monday brought good news to the Stonehaven people looking for a place to locate the proposed Day Care Centre for the elderly, when it seemed that the search might be over - and there was also a warm reception to further plans to provide housing for senior citizens there, too.

Regional Councillor George Swapp confirmed that part of the old net factory site on Low-wood Road was emerging as the likely location of the proposed Centre for the elderly in the Stonehaven area. The ground is owned by the District Council, and a joint venture between the two authorities, involving housing for older people and a day centre, was now a distinct possibility. A report on the proposal may come before next Thursday’s meeting of the Region’s social work committee. The fair relocation of existing business tenants would be a highpriority if the site is selected.

50 YEARS AGO - February 5th 1965

The efficiency of Kincardineshire’s snow clearing system came under fire at a meeting of the county roads committee on Tuesday when Mr W. Robertson, Balmakewan, Marykirk, told members how he had been marooned in his car on the Stonehaven-Montrose road for eight hours one night in December.

”I have first hand information about this,” he said, and described how, during a bad snow storm in December, he was stuck in his car from 1.30am to 9.30am and later heard a radio announcement that only two roads had been blocked during the night, the coast road and the Stonehaven-Laurencekirk road. “It was very disappointing to hear that after the expensive snow equipment we have bought,” he said. Eric Moir, county road surveyor, admitted that the situation had been “a bit hairy” but more equipment was now in hand.

100 YEARS AGO - February 11th 1915

The unwelcome weekend visitor of last week - the gale from the east - had the usual effect of easterly winds on the sea at Stonehaven. Fortunately the tides were not high and damage done at the beach and the harbour was very slight. At the harbour, of course, huge seas dashed over the breakwater all day on Sunday. The boat used by the divers was badly broken, in fact, she was split from end to end as with the stroke of a giant’s axe.


At Tuesday’s Town Council meeting everybody must have been eager to know what the Council were to do with the Promenade this season and one could hardly be blamed for supposing that the extending of the present Promenade to Cowie would cost £70 instead of the £7 it is proposed to expend. The Council are doing wisely in economising at the present time.