It happened in the Mearns....

From our own archives we bring you what happened in the Mearns in history.


Friday September 14th, 1990

Lack of support from organisations in Stonehaven and from the Kincardine and Deeside District Council leisure and recreation department could lead to the Gala Week being scrapped in its present form.

Community Council Vice-chairman Raymond Christie told members on Tuesday that the level of co-operation with the department seemed to be getting worse than in previous years over the Gala week.

Congratulating the local Lions Club for organising the parade, he said the future of the gala was now on ice to see if people would come forward in the next couple of weeks with suggestions to save the event.

He could see only a scaled down version next year, held on a weekend or on one day.

Councillor Gavin Stewart agreed that the District Council department had done nothing to help the gala organisers and had been more of a hindrance than anything else.

They concentrated on their own events like the Half-Marathon and the Highland Games, but for anything else it was “forget it”.

It was agreed to write to the department and ask if their representative would attend a meeting to discuss the future of Stonehaven Gala Week.


Friday September 10th, 1965

Monday is the local holiday in Stonehaven, when many townspeople will enjoy their last break before the winter.

It will be a general holiday, but the schools will be in session.

The swimming pool will be closed for the season on Monday night, and only the bowling greens, tennis courts and putting green will remain open for the entertainment of visitors.

Last weekend there was an end-of-the-season look about the town, although there was a good crowd at the beach and the usual crush at the harbour.

Centre of interest there was the Scotch Lass, lying high and dry at low tide.

During heavy seas early on Saturday, the motor yawl Scotch Lass (skipper D.Andrews) broke from her moorings in Stonehaven outer harbour and beached herself outside the south pier.

She suffered considerable damage when passing over the rocks on which the Iona was lost earlier this year, and was declared a total loss by the insurance company concerned.

Skipper Andrews and two boat-builders, Messrs Arthur and John Buchan of Peterhead, helped by other skippers and crews, worked hard to get the boat seaworthy at low tide on Saturday, and when it was written off at a loss, all valuables were removed.


Thursday September 16th, 1915

Presentation to Miss Baird - There was a large gathering of the local members and friends of the British Women’s Patriotic League in the Town hall on Friday evening, who has been honorary organising secretary of the local branch of the League since its inception last year, was made the recipient of a handsome silk persey as a token of the League’s appreciation of her services.

Mrs Bruce, the Brae, made the presentation, and conveyed the thanks of the League to Miss Baird.

Miss Baird made a suitable reply.

Tea was afterwards served, and a very enjoyable evening was spent, various members of the League contributing to a first-class musical programme.

The weather has again been very fine during the past week.

No rain has fallen in the Stonehaven district and the dry, bright days have enabled harvesting operations to be pushed forward rapidly.

Most farmers have now got a field “led” and another week of good weather will see practically the whole of the crop secured.

Both oats and barley have turned out excellent crops, and have been harvested in good condition.