It happened in the Mearns - Feb 20

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - February 23rd 1990

Stonehaven men, David Bishop and Keith Whitehead, have each reeived a bottle of whisky and a Keep Grampian Beautiful Campaign “passport” for their do-it-yourself solution to the litter problem on Stonehaven beach. They did three sweeps of the section of the beach between the Carron Water and the harbour and removed 14 bin liners of litter and two bin liners of aluminium for recycling, and also piled up heavy rubbish such as oil drums and tyres for future removal.

David and Keith have not finished, but their efforts have brought about a great improvement. The Campaign is now looking to the district council to help by removing the large items. David and Keith are hoping to arrange sponsorship for future efforts and would like more support from other Stonehaven residents. Scotrail are supplying the bin liners for the next sweep.

50 YEARS AGO - February 19th 1965

Lower Deeside District Council on Friday agreed to five recommendations by a sub-committee to counteract vandalism at Portlethen Crossroads bus shelter. The suggestions were submitted after the sub-committee had visited the shelter and found it in a “disgraceful condition”. The three windows were “utterly smashed”, the walls covered with offensive scribbling and the cover ripped off the benches. It was agreed to pull out the front of the building, leaving it open, to brick up the window at the south side, to leave the north window open, to roughcast the inside walls to prevent scribbling, and to remove the ceiling hardboard. The shelter was said to be too comfortable and too private. Mr Irvine-Fortescue said it was a great pity that a shelter gifted to the community should be in such a scandalous condition.

100 YEARS AGO - February 25th 1915

Local soldier and his frostbites - Lance-Corporal John Reid, 6th Gordon Highlanders, who was invalided home, suffering from severe frostbites, has recovered slowly, but hopes are long to be back at the front. His experiences in the trenches were severe. For four days he had been without boots and stockings, and when he attempted to leave his “burrow” his feet felt as if somebody was roughly pulling off the skin.


On Monday morning snow fell, and the wind is now bitterly cold. With the strong sun in the afternoon, however, the black ground was soon in evidence again. Farmers are not grumbling at the frost, meantime, assisted by the drought, the land will improve, as well as offer an opportunity of continuing carting of dung and turnips - operations which have been difficult.