Johner’s Alison gears up for 115k fundraising walk

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A Johnshaven woman is to take part in a six-day fundraising walk covering more than 100km of the world famous Camino de Santiago trail in Northern Spain.

Alison Chandler will set off on the challenge on Sunday to raise money for Scottish social care charity, Cornerstone, and will be joined by Louise Baxter, the wife of the charity’s founder, Nick, who sadly passed away in 2013.

The pair, along with a large group of fundraising walkers, will spend six days covering 115 km (72 miles) of the world famous route in Northern Spain.

Louise and Nick had always planned to walk the route together and she sees this as the perfect opportunity to honour his memory.

All sponsorship funds raised will go towards the provision of specialist equipment and services for children and adults across Scotland who live with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and other support needs.

Alison said getting involved was a no brainer

She said: “My family and I made friends with Nick and Louise Baxter only a year before his tragic and untimely death but I have known and closely engaged with Cornerstone’s work professionally for nearly a decade and its “can do” principles, entrepreneurism and belief in people of all abilities has always been an inspiration.

“When this cause, and the opportunity to join Louise on the walk, was added to my own ambition to return by Camino to the city where I was a student, it became a no-brainer.”

Cornerstone provides care and support services for adults, young people and children across Scotland who live with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health problems and other support needs.

Since 1980, it has grown to become a leading charity and now generates annual incomes in excess of £36million and employs 2,200 staff.

Supporting over 2,600 people each year, Cornerstone has services in 20 local authority areas throughout Scotland.