Johnshaven Jottings - ‘From Stonehaven down we are being neglected’

Community Council

“From Stonehaven down we are being neglected”. This was the view expressed by the members of the Community Council when they met in the Village Hall last Wednesday night in respect of their recent dealings with Aberdeenshire Council.

By and large the community council maintains a very good relationship with their local Aberdeenshire councillors but a reply from the roads manager to a request has left them feeling just a little disgruntled. The secretary had written pointing out that some concern had been expressed by pedestrians crossing the A92 when using the bus stop on the west side of the road where they have described the difficulty, particularly on dark mornings and nights, due to the speed of cars travelling mainly south.

The community council had suggested that either additional street lighting around the bus stops or some form of traffic calming measure to slow down the vehicles passing the Johnshaven road end be introduced.

However, the reply from the roads manager indicated that “additional lighting at the road junction is a very low priority for (his Department) at present when considering competing demands in much busier areas and that physical calming measures is something that his Department would not support” adding that “visibility is generally good at this location and pedestrians need to be mindful to cross at an appropriate point, not necessarily opposite the bus stop, and anticipate the potential interaction with road vehicles”.

Mr Mcfarlane’s reply ended by suggesting that the bus companies might have a view on the issue and be able to assist with help and advice.

The community council has, of course, been pressing for a 50mph speed limit from the Lathallan School entrance to just beyond the top of the New Road for some time now and are of the opinion that the visibility from the north is not good and if it not were for the convenient bus stop pull-in on the south bound carriageway a number of accidents are likely to have taken place..

Members are also not happy with the support given by Aberdeenshire Council in their attempts to deal with the traffic situation on the Baron’s Pade. Recently they were informed that, because that road is classified as being in the countryside, no further speed restrictions could be imposed.

However, the meeting heard that recently a parent just avoided an accident when departing from the south exit of Lathallan School on to Cemetery Road. Coaches now also use the unadopted road which, of course, was never intended to carry motorised traffic. Originally known as Carriage Drive, it was created as a short cut for the Scotts of Brotherton Castle to get to the railway station in the late 19th century and also, so the story goes anyway, to remove the temptation from the coachman to stop at the Ship Hotel on his way home after dropping his passengers off!

The next meeting of the community council will be held in the Village Hall (small) on Wednesday, March 7, at 7pm when the AGM will take place.

Mearns Coastal Parish Church

In Johnshaven Church on Sunday morning the Rev Colin Dempster continued his study of the Book of Revelations and asked for any members of the congregation who are interested in forming a choir to get in touch with him.

He intimated that this Sunday there will be only one service in Mearns Coastal Parish and that will be united service in St Cyrus Church at 11 am followed by a time of fellowship.

The Kirk Session having already unanimously agreed either to sell or transfer Johnshaven Church, Sunday was the opportunity for the congregation to have its say.

Votes were taken in both Johnshaven and St Cyrus Churches and the result should be known very soon.


On a bitterly cold day nine volunteers turned up to clear gorse from a section of the former railway from the start of the “double dykes” to the Birnie Road. Walkers will be happy that they will again have a clear and alternative route to the coastal path. Birds will fell the same as they will be able safely to begin nesting.

SHARK Chair, Rebecca Chambers, would like to point out that, contrary to the report in the Jottings of January 31 that “free reusable plastic bags” were to be issued to every household, it is - subject to the success of funding applications - Fairtrade jute bags which the environmental group hope to make available.

Mearns Coastal Guild

President, Mrs Wilma Armatage, welcomed members to the monthly meeting of the Guild in the Church Hall on Monday afternoon and introduced Mrs Marion Finlayson whi gave a very interesting talk on previous Guild Projects, She was thanked by Mrs Armatage who also gave the Bible Reading.

The Guild will next meet in the Church Hall on Monday, March 17 at 2.30 pm when the speaker will be the parish minister, the Rev Colin Dempster.